Corporate Wear

Corporate Wear

At MUE we have a wide variety of corporate wear options to choose from.

Whether you want standard office attire for you and your staff or something a little more unique to give you that competitive edge we have you covered.

Corporate attire is ordered in or custom made on an order by order basis. Contact us to discuss options or for a quote.


We require logos to be provided in a DST file format, but do not worry if you don’t have one, we can digitise most logos from a PDF, JPG, PNG, A Word Document and sometimes even a Photograph of the logo on existing clothing.

Fees for digitisation vary depending on the logo but pricing generally starts from $78.99. This fee is a once off fee and is inclusive of a stitch sample in your logo colours for approval before continuing with any embroidery work to ensure you are happy with the final logo and thread colours before continuing on with embroidering on your garments or items. We then keep your final logo on file, to ensure that next time you need embroidery it is ready to go.

For plain text logos there may be a set up fee charged to set up the logo in plain text pricing starts from $19.99 and includes a stitch sample of the plain text logo in chosen colours for approval before embroidery begins on your garments or items. Your plain text logo will then be kept on file for use next time you require embroidery.

Pricing for embroidery on work wear and corporate wear varies based on a number of factors such as size, intricacy of embroidery work as well as quantity being embroidered, other factors included in pricing quotes are work wear or corporate wear items ordered or made by us before embroidering, these costs will be excluded if the customer is supplying the garments and accessories.

Once your logo has been digitized and/or a full quote provided, a 50% deposit is required upfront before we will process and continue with your order. 

If you already have a DST file, we an go ahead and give you a quote for embroidery and garments right away and once a 50% deposit has been received on an approved quote we can go ahead and begin your order.